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Why Use Tops Travel for ALL Your Travel Services?
Because, we will tell you that you will get "excellent personal service" and a "good competitive price" for any of our travel services. Why? Because we believe you want good service as well as a good price. We listen and work with you to make your special vacation, casual trip, or business travel as pleasant and carefree as possible. Our focus on service is important to us and we want to hear from you again and again. Customer satisfaction with repeat business is our objective. We are proud of our service and our customer response. 
But, we're not going to tell you we are "#1 on the Internet" because there are already too many "#1 sites on the internet." And, we aren't going to tell you that we have "the lowest fares," "the lowest prices on the internet," "guaranteed lowest prices," etc. Need a reason? There are too many variables in any tour, cruise, or resort vacation price. It's kinda like the "Low Price Guarantee" from some retail stores (i.e. If you have exactly the same package code, same flight numbers, same departure dates, etc.). All we can say to you is "We will quote you a price that is competitive, not inflative, and will provide you with all the service and capabilities of a full service travel agency." Just remember to compare the service and features of the travel package you're getting, not just whether you think you found a lower price. 
Need 10 Good Reasons To Use a Full-Service Travel Agency?
 10. Your travel agent has access to all airlines' schedules and fares and will offer you the most convenient flight and best price based on your needs. 

 9. Your travel agent can keep your profile to know your seat preference and have your frequent flyer information on all airlines, saving your valuable time. 

 8. Your travel agent is a trained professional. 

 7. Your travel agent offers special services for foreign travel, by assisting with passports, visas, inoculations information or other foreign travel requirements. 

 6. Your travel agent is able to fax copies of lost receipts for expense reports. 

 5. Your travel agent is able to book your preferred cars and hotels, not just the ones the airlines have agreements with. 

 4. Your travel agent is usually able to change your reservation easily, whether it is your airline ticket, hotel or car reservations, with just one phone call from you. 

 3. Your travel agent is the one person to call to shop prices for all services needed: airline tickets, car rentals, hotel reservations, cruises, tour packages, etc. 

 2. Your travel agent is convenient and accessible. 

 1. Your travel agent cares! 

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